Huawei 5G ban

The decision to ban the controversial Chinese firm Huawei from the rollout of 5G mobile phone networks in the UK has just been postponed. The Culture secretary Jeremy Wright has said that the UK Government is "not yet in a position" to decide how Huawei should be invloved in the UK 5G network. Mr Wright is under pressure from the US, who last month banned Huawei from any involvement with US phone network systems. The US has banned companies from selling any technology to Huawei stating national security concerns.

Mr Wright commenting upon the US decision stated "It could have a potential impact on the future availability and reliability of Huawei's products, together with other market impacts, and so are relevant considerations in determining Huawei's involvement in the network".

Chinese Hacking News

Chinese hackers are believed to have targeted universities in the United States of America to attempt to obtain military information with at least 27 universities being targeted. Maritime military technology was the focus of the hacking, as said by the cybersecurity defence unit. It is believed that Canada and Asia may also be suspect to a cyberattack.

University networks were in danger as the hackers used spoofing techniques in order to act as partner institutions and universities. It is thought that the hackers known as Mudcarp, APT40 or Leviathan were potentially behind these attacks.

Mudcarp may have a part in these cyberattacks due to their relationship with oceanographic research institutes in the United States. Leviathan are keen on university research institutions as well as maritime industries, although, some of the attacks have been traced to shipbuilders in the United States in the last few years. Leviathan have also delivered malicious emails containing an attachment named “Torpedo recovery experiment”, there would be Microsoft Excel and Word documents included which contained major viruses due to the inclusion of a payload.

China has denied taking any part in cyberattacks that have taken place against the US and other countries.

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Virtual Reality technology reducing fear of heights

Fear of heights affects one in five people, most never receive any treatment for this and the impact on their lives can be significant. Oxford University’s spinout Company Oxford VR is developing a range of treatments using virtual reality to help people overcome their fears.

The programme consists of a computer-generated virtual coach who can interact and converse with the client via voice recognition technology. A randomised trial of one hundred people showed that more than 68% that underwent the treatment reported a significant reduction in their fear and one month later a survey revealed that 69% of the participants reported their fear was no longer a problem.

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Security now a priority

The growth in the use of mobile phones and tablets has probably exceeded most people’s expectations. With more than 4.02 billion people regularly using the internet to connect with each other, socially or for business there seems to be no sign of it slowing down. New ideas and technology are being introduced to the market almost every day with exciting innovations that are changing many people’s lives for the better.

If you are a company, embracing the technology and using it to promote your business is essential if you want to be successful. The majority of people in the UK use their smartphones or tablets to search online for products and services, so having a mobile friendly website is a must.

Employ a good Web Design company to build your website with the latest coding so that it not only looks good, but loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Security should be a priority. Google actively promotes sites that are secure. Installing an SSL or green padlock certificate on your website proves to your potential customers that they are in a safe browsing area. Chrome, Safari and Firefox are actively warning potential visitors that the site they want to visit may be unsecure if there is not an SSL Certificate attached to it.

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Personal Data In The Technological Age

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, data protection has become serious business. The collection of personal data has expanded beyond what anyone could have imagined.

In the technological age, our constant internet connections, fitness trackers and social media attachment is making collecting our personal data easier, which is increasingly being exploited by corporations and governments.

These data collectors try to convince us of an easier, more convenient lifestyle, taking in our characteristics, behaviours and relationships however the risk of misuse is a major concern.

The political firm Cambridge Analytica is a prime example of personal information being misused as they obtained political opinions of over 50 million Facebook users in attempt to influence voter behaviour in the 2016 US presidential election.

The fear for consumers at this stage, even since the European General Data Protection Regulations act is the quantity of data companies have about us and that data already collected could still be leaked. For example, Acxiom analytics which collects and analyses product purchase data has collected data related to private personal healthcare, even though they have no access to healthcare data.

Privacy does not have to be the inevitable price of technology, in fact technology can enhance privacy better than traditional controls whilst continuing to maintain accuracy of analysis. When thinking about personal data and technology, it is important to frequently review and adapt practices to address new risks and protect your personal data.

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Keeping your WordPress website up to date in Exeter

WordPress websites are now the most popular websites worldwide, but many owners are unaware of the dangers of not keeping their WordPress websites up to date. Hackers are always looking for weaknesses in the WordPress platform, so the Engineers are constantly updating the platform to stop them. WordPrss produce an update in the form of a latest version (we are currently on 4.9.4 ), these updates keep the websites safe from Hackers who seek to enter the website to spread spam and illegal adverts.

WordPress websites are very often built with added modules or plugins, and it is the plugins that are particularly susceptible to hackers if they are not kept updated. Finally, WordPress websites will regularly need their scripts updated for the same reasons. If you need to speak with someone about website security for your WordPress website, or would like a Wordpress websites in Exeter call 01392 409357

Attract more traffic to your website

Ask yourself what your website is for, you need to have a clear idea of how your website can help your business be more successful, in order to attract more traffic to your website. It is also important to understand how people search online and what they are looking for. A recent report shows that there are normally three things people are looking for when they go online.

  • Navigational: drives the searcher to a pre-determined destination.
  • Commercial Investigation: aids researching and implies a future transaction.
  • Transactional: aids the searcher in making a purchase or completing a specific task.


The strategy of your website should be to provide clear, relevant information and give them a reason to buy from you. Look at your site from their perspective. Your website should give the answers and information you would need to make a purchase? Is it easy to navigate? Are your full contact details easy to find?


People who search online may be looking to buy, but not always straight away, so understanding your market place and what these visitors require, you can adjust your content to answer their questions in a clear, relevant and direct way. If your website is user friendly and gives the answers they are looking for chances are they will bookmark it and return at a later date.


Look at your website content and identify new areas for improvement spend time rewriting all your content. Try to use trust-building words and factual information to back up your claims and your focus should be more on the reader’s experience with your content. If you do this you will naturally show the search engines that you’re site is relevant.

Build quality Content

Getting people to believe what you say in your website content is vital if they are going to buy from you. A good way to do this is to supply proof in the form of photographs, video and reviews. Most people's purchases are recommendations from research backed up by reviews. Try to focus on providing facts in your content to prove to your audience that you understand why they have visited your website and you have given them the answers they are looking for. For more information on content and website design in Poole, call Simply-Digital today.

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