Keeping your WordPress website up to date in Exeter

WordPress websites are now the most popular websites worldwide, but many owners are unaware of the dangers of not keeping their WordPress websites up to date. Hackers are always looking for weaknesses in the WordPress platform, so the Engineers are constantly updating the platform to stop them. WordPrss produce an update in the form of a latest version (we are currently on 4.9.4 ), these updates keep the websites safe from Hackers who seek to enter the website to spread spam and illegal adverts.

WordPress websites are very often built with added modules or plugins, and it is the plugins that are particularly susceptible to hackers if they are not kept updated. Finally, WordPress websites will regularly need their scripts updated for the same reasons. If you need to speak with someone about website security for your WordPress website, or would like a Wordpress websites in Exeter call 01392 409357

Attract more traffic to your website

Ask yourself what your website is for, you need to have a clear idea of how your website can help your business be more successful, in order to attract more traffic to your website. It is also important to understand how people search online and what they are looking for. A recent report shows that there are normally three things people are looking for when they go online.

  • Navigational: drives the searcher to a pre-determined destination.
  • Commercial Investigation: aids researching and implies a future transaction.
  • Transactional: aids the searcher in making a purchase or completing a specific task.


The strategy of your website should be to provide clear, relevant information and give them a reason to buy from you. Look at your site from their perspective. Your website should give the answers and information you would need to make a purchase? Is it easy to navigate? Are your full contact details easy to find?


People who search online may be looking to buy, but not always straight away, so understanding your market place and what these visitors require, you can adjust your content to answer their questions in a clear, relevant and direct way. If your website is user friendly and gives the answers they are looking for chances are they will bookmark it and return at a later date.


Look at your website content and identify new areas for improvement spend time rewriting all your content. Try to use trust-building words and factual information to back up your claims and your focus should be more on the reader’s experience with your content. If you do this you will naturally show the search engines that you’re site is relevant.

Build quality Content

Getting people to believe what you say in your website content is vital if they are going to buy from you. A good way to do this is to supply proof in the form of photographs, video and reviews. Most people's purchases are recommendations from research backed up by reviews. Try to focus on providing facts in your content to prove to your audience that you understand why they have visited your website and you have given them the answers they are looking for. For more information on content and website design in Poole, call Simply-Digital today.

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